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Vuka Coaching is a personal, uniquely tailored business/life coaching program run by Alexia Bregman, a successful entrepreneur, veteran marketing and insightful business coach.

Alexia believes that there is no cookie cutter solution to business coaching. Each one of us are completely unique, with different ideas and backgrounds - and so her approach is to look at each client’s needs in a unique way.

It’s pretty simple: monthly 1 hour coaching sessions are $100. Unlimited email and text access between meetings. 

The result? Finally getting your business idea up and running. Wake up to what you can do.


Areas of expertise:

I’ve spent 25 years in the advertising industry and a creative director and then as an entrepreneur and CEO of several brands. 
My passion is sharing the knowledge I have with other people in business. It might be an area that’s a challenge for you in an existing business or it might be starting something completely new, but I have the experience and knowledge to help you through it all. 

Business concept/Idea generation

You have the idea and I’ll help you craft it into reality. 

Giving a Presentation

Trademarks and patents

I’ll teach you how to research and file your own trademarks and if there’s a need for patents.


Name generation and visual identity

I’ll guide you through a series of exercises to help develop your brand, from name generation, brand colors and logo development.

Giving a Presentation

Website and social media

I’ll help you choose the right platform for your website and help you with designers and other professionals. We’ll also look at social media practices and develop manageable strategies for your brand.

Working Together


Together we’ll develop marketing strategies and decide what kinds of vehicles you need to communicate your brand and reach your audience. I’ll provide you with the resources to make this come alive.

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